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Human Resources Division

Crystal Cole

(501) 569-2296

The mission of the Human Resources Division is to effectively assist employees in career development, as well as respond to personnel issues, while ensuring compliance with personnel policies and procedures and all federal and state EEO laws and regulations; aid in the recruitment, retention, and recognition of employees; assist Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in the certification process; monitor internal and external EEO affairs; collect and distribute mail and supplies in a timely and efficient manner; effectively manage the buildings and grounds of the Central Office complex; and keep accurate records for the Department.

Training and Safety Office

Ken Jordan

(501) 569-2236

The mission of the Training & Safety Section is to effectively aid employees in career development, as well as to prevent on-the-job accidents and promote safety procedures. Specialized technical and non-technical training courses are developed and implemented, and a career development program is administered to encourage young people to pursue careers in the transportation industry. Other responsibilities of the section include administering the Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, coordinating the Equipment Operator's ROADeo competition, maintaining a database of training hours, and ensuring that employees are recognized for longevity and safety.

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