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Planning and Research Division

Alan Meadors

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This Division collects and analyzes data, studies transportation problems, conducts research, assists cities and counties in using transportation related technology, and publishes information and recommendations relative to transportation issues. Cooperation with regional planning agencies provides for the continuing urban and regional transportation planning process. Transportation research is accomplished through contracts with colleges and universities, private companies, or by AHTD's staff. An extensive database is continuously updated for economic, financial and planning studies to support management's policy decisions. The current computerized inventory of every highway in the State is maintained. The Pavement Management System provides information for determining which highways are most in need of improvements. The Automated Road Analyzer (ARAN) collects data relative to pavements including roughness, rutting and cracking. Tourist, city and county maps are produced, printed and distributed. Counties, cities and local citizen groups are assisted in establishing bicycle and pedestrian corridors and scenic byways. Under intermodal transportation planning, this division works for the most efficient use of all state transportation systems-airports, highways, pipelines, railroads, waterways, and transit.









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