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Design Public Hearing Displays for the Selected Alignment Alternative-June 2008

The following maps were shown at the Design Public Hearing meetings held June 3 and 4, 2008.  These maps display the design proposed at that time.  You may view the maps by clicking below on the individual map that you wish to view.  Please note the file size of the display you wish to see, and be aware that if you don’t have a high-speed internet connection, you may not be able to download the larger exhibits.

The project area is shown on aerial photography that is overlain by the proposed design, and is divided into nine overlapping areas, or exhibits.  The Exhibit Locator Map should be used to determine which of the exhibits contains the area you wish to examine.  Two of the exhibits, 1A and 4A, illustrate interchange areas in greater detail. 

City/County Street Map of entire project area (1,400 KB)

Exhibit Locator Map (1,600 KB)

Exhibit 1-(9,800 KB)

Exhibit 2-(10,400 KB)

Exhibit 3-(9,500 KB)

Exhibit 4-(11,200 KB)

Exhibit 5-(10,300 KB)

Exhibit 6-(10,400 KB)

Exhibit 7-(10,600 KB)

Exhibit 1A-Western Hwy 412 Interchange Layout (9,300 KB)

Exhibit 4A-I-540 Interchange Layout (11,600 KB)

The Selected Alignment Alternative map and preliminary design are available for viewing at the local AHTD Resident Engineers’ offices listed below.

AHTD Resident Engineer’s Office
3526 North Highway 112 
Fayetteville, AR  

AHTD Resident Engineer’s Office
3700 Highway 112
Bentonville, AR





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