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North Belt Freeway Environmental Studies

Latest Project Update (September 2008)

After a review of the FEIS and the comments received, the FHWA issued a Record of Decision (ROD) on September 23, 2008 that approved a Selected Alternative for the proposed bypass. Based on environmental studies, agency coordination, the public input process, and in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act, the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) Preferred Alternative was identified as the Selected Alternative. Click here to see a map of the Selected Alternative.


Based upon consideration of all the social, economic and environmental evaluations contained in the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement and FEIS, FHWA has determined the Selected Alternative is the environmentally preferred alternative. This alignment provides the best transportation solution that minimizes harm to the environment to the maximum extent practicable while also sufficiently addressing the Purpose and Need for action. The Selected Alternative also incorporates extensive measures to avoid, minimize, and mitigate potential harm to the region's natural and human environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has given a Lack of Objection rating to the proposed project as described in the SDEIS.





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