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North Belt Freeway Environmental Studies

January 31, 2007 – Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement 

The SDEIS is a compilation of extensive scientific and engineering information required for compliance with federal and state rules and regulations.  The various sections of the SDEIS are available in Adobe Acrobat form by clicking the links below.  A condensed version of the information found in the SDEIS is available in the Executive Summary document below.

Opening Section

1.3 MB


1.0 MB

Section 1-Purpose & Need

0.7 MB

Section 2-Alternatives

2.3 MB

Section 3-Affected Environment & Environmental Consequences

3.5 MB

Section 4-Commitments

0.1 MB

Section 5-Coordination & Public Involvement

0.1 MB

Section 6-List of Preparers

0.1 MB

Section 7-List of Reviewers

0.1 MB

Section 8-Distribution List of SDEIS

0.1 MB

Section 9-References

0.1 MB

Appendix A-Level of Service Descriptions

0.1 MB

Appendix B-Land Use and Land Cover Analysis Results

0.1 MB

Appendix C-Air Quality Analysis, Procedures and Results

0.2 MB

Appendix D-Noise Quality Analysis, Procedures and Results

0.5 MB

Appendix E-Socioeconomic Information

1.7 MB

Appendix F-Coordination and Public Involvement

3.3 MB

Appendix G-Water Quantity and Quality Impacts

0.1 MB

Appendix H-Hazardous Materials Procedures and Results

1.1 MB

Appendix I-Natural Resources Conservation Service Coordination

0.1 MB

Appendix J-Terrestrial and Aquatic Species Likely to Occur

0.1 MB

Appendix K-Pollution Prevention

0.1 MB

Appendix L-Cultural Resources

4.8 MB




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