AHTD Historic Bridge Web Map Instructions

The AHTD Interactive Web Map allows you to dynamically create simple or intelligent maps. The Web Map can show the common features (roads, signs, rivers, cities, counties, and districts) as well as providing information on individual Historic Bridges.

Minimum Requirements:  Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or better and 256 colors on the display monitor.  The security on the browser should be changed from high to medium (View->Internet Options->Security) to automatically receive the ActiveCGM viewer that is required.

Step 1.   The Data Display allows you to build a map based on Historic Bridges. For example, you can show  all the Historic Bridges that have been deomolished and click on one to receive a detailed report.


Step 2.    The following features will be visible (if checked) at all times on the map.


Step 3.    Use the ActiveCGM controls to navigate inside the mapIn order print the map, you must use the print option from the right mouse button, not the print in Microsoft Explorer.

    (Click the right mouse button while the pointer is over the map to see the pop-up menu)