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Heavy Bridge Maintenance (HBM) is responsible for the maintenance, repair and inspection of 60 of the largest bridges in the State. This includes all the structures over the Mississippi River between Arkansas and adjacent States, and over the Arkansas River in the State. The asset value of these 60 bridges is over 1.5 billion dollars.

The section is comprised of the following:

-State Heavy Bridge Maintenance Engineer who is responsible for the supervision of the Heavy Bridge Maintenance section. The State HBM Engineer is the State-wide Bridge Inspection Program Manager who oversees all the operations of the State’s Bridge Inspection Program. 

-Staff Heavy Bridge Maintenance Engineer who is responsible for bridge repair design/details, oversight of 3 HBM repair crews, a polymer crew, a paint crew and the Request for Proposals to hire Engineering firms to perform Underwater Bridge inspections.

-Senior Heavy Bridge Maintenance Engineer who is responsible for the oversight of the 3 HBM State Wide Inspection Teams as well as the QA/QC bridge inspection process, and maintenance contract development such as bridge paint contracts.

-Heavy Bridge Maintenance Engineer who is responsible for analyzing and recommending solutions to bridge maintenance problems, work with inspection teams and help to improve the overall process, and help to manage the Salvaged Bridge Material Program.

- Bridge Management Section Head is responsible for maintaining all aspects of the databases used within the bridge management program, assisting bridge inspection personnel in proper data collection, and developing priorities for optimum bridge management within the constraints of available funds.

- Bridge Management Assistant Section Head is responsible for analyzing priorities for bridge replacement or improvements, performing queries and reports from databases within the Bridge Management Program, and assist the Section Head in all of their duties.

- Heavy Bridge Maintenance Superintendent who coordinates all the crew activities and assures that the crews have the right tools and equipment to do the job. The Superintendent is also tasked with cost accounting for bridge damage to assure reimbursement from the respective insurance companies.

- Three Bridge Repair Crews with one supervisor and five crew members each, one Paint Crew with one Crew Leader and three crew members and one Bridge Polymer Overlay preservation crew with one Crew Leader and three crew members.

- Three State Wide Inspection Teams, which consists of a Bridge Inspector and an Assistant Bridge Inspector.

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