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SLOPE FAILURES / LANDSLIDES – A Geotechnical drilling crew is pictured drilling for a slide on Hwy 103 north of Ponca with a CME-850 track mounted drilling rig.  SUBSURFACE CONSTRUCTION ISSUES - An exploration hole is being drilled to obtain information necessary for remediation of a drilled shaft subject to problems during shaft excavation CUTS & FILLS – Here an all-terrain drill rig is accessing a boring location in a swampy area where an approach fill was planned for a Railroad overpass on Highway 371 in Prescott. BULK SAMPLING – A soil survey crew is using a skid mounted CME-45 drill rig to obtain bulk samples for R-value and Resilient Modulus Testing to be used in the pavement design. SLOPE MONITORING – An inclinometer (used to measure movement in an unstable slope) is being installed in a cut slope failure near the Hwy 7 overpass in El Dorado. SLOPE REPAIRS – A contractor is constructing a rock buttress designed by the Geotechnical Section to repair a slope failure on Highway 65 near Leslie.

The Geotechnical Section performs subsurface investigations to obtain:

- General information on subsurface soil, rock, and water conditions for proposed highway locations,
- specific information on the subsurface conditions of soil and/or rock properties that are important to the project design, and
- specific information on the subsurface conditions of soil, rock and water conditions in areas where problems are encountered, i.e. - landslides, pavement failures.

These crews work a ten-hour, four-day week continuously throughout the year and are on constant statewide travel Status.

For additional information, contact the Materials Division at (501) 569-2185 or by email at Materials@ardot.gov.







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