Program Management

To effectively assist in the pre-construction phases of projects, maintain and report information related to construction projects.

Intersection Improvement Program (IIP)

Program Information

The Department’s Intersection Improvement Program provides funds for projects in unincorporated areas and cities with less than 200,000 populations. (Cities with urbanized area population greater than 200,000 are eligible to receive STBGP funds through their Metropolitan Planning Organizations.)

Program Funding

Eligible projects on the State Highway System include construction of new traffic signals, upgrade of existing traffic signals, intersection improvements, roundabouts, signal coordination, etc. The intersection must meet Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) signalization warrants to qualify for signalization. Projects are typically 80% Federal-aid and 20% match by local and State.

◆ $1,000,000 Maximum Federal-aid per project
◆ $125,000 Maximum State Match per project.

ArDOT designs, awards the construction contract, and inspects each project as an eligible project expense. Eligible sponsors can request this funding at any time.

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