Program Management

To effectively assist in the pre-construction phases of projects, maintain and report information related to construction projects.

Local Bridge Program

Program Information

The Department’s Local Bridge Program provides funding for improvements to bridges that are on public roads that are not on the Federal-aid Highway System, known as Off-System bridges.

The Local Public Agency (LPA) must make the funding request via a letter to the Department. The request should include the structure number, if available, and a description of the location .

Program Eligibility

Eligible projects must be:

  • off the Federal-aid Highway System; and
  • on the National Bridge Inventory; and
  • owned by a county, town, township, city, municipality or other local agency, or federally recognized tribe.

The Department will respond to the requesting LPA with the bridge eligibility determination. Priorities will be given to projects that will address bridges that:

  • are in poor or fair condition; or
  • are posted or operationally restricted; or
  • have demonstrated safety issues.

Program Funding

  1. The annual maximum Federal-aid funding available for the Local Bridge Program will be announced each Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) and will be prioritized and awarded based on statewide needs.
  2. The number of projects per LPA may be limited per FFY based on availability of funds.
  3. All phases of approved projects will be eligible for funding, including feasibility studies, preliminary engineering, right of way acquisition, utility relocation, construction, and construction engineering.
  4. The LPA will be responsible for the long-term maintenance of the bridge.
  5. Development of approved projects will progress in two steps.
    • Step 1: Development of a feasibility study, including 30% plans and cost estimate.
    • Step 2: Upon completion of the feasibility study and request of the LPA, project will proceed to final design and construction.
  6. Match Requirements:
    • The Department will provide Federal-aid funding for the approved projects and the LPA will provide the local match. All phases of approved projects will be funded using 90% Federal, 10% Local.
    • A $5,000 deposit is required from the LPA before feasibility study begins.
    • For all projects that do not progress to construction, the LPA will be responsible for repaying 100% of the right of way and utility relocation costs including all non-reimbursable utility relocation costs and 10% of the preliminary engineering costs.
    • Non-reimbursable utility relocation costs will be borne solely by the owner of the utility company.


For eligible projects, a two-step process will be used. Step 1 will consist of a feasibility study; Step 2 will consist of project development and construction upon completion of the feasibility study and upon request of the LPA.

To initiate the feasibility study, PM will coordinate with the LPA to develop a project agreement for funding and select one of the Department’s on-call consultants.

The feasibility study will:

  • recommend the most appropriate improvement type; and
  • determine the level of environmental impact; and
  • begin preliminary engineering (up to thirty-percent plans and a planning-level cost estimate).

If the LPA wishes to pursue Federal funding for project development and construction through the Local Bridge Program, PM will coordinate with the LPA to develop a supplemental agreement for funding additional phases.

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