I-430 Bridge Managed Lane Now Operational

LITTLE ROCK | March 14, 2023

The Managed Lane system, also known as a “part-time shoulder,” on the Interstate 430 Arkansas River Bridge is now operational.

Drivers crossing the I-430 Bridge over the Arkansas River between Little Rock and North Little Rock will now see electronic message boards over the outside Managed Lane in each direction showing either a red X or a green arrow, indicating whether the lane is open or closed.

The default function of the Managed Lane is to act as a shoulder. Most of the time, the lane will be closed to traffic (showing a red X) and used as a shoulder in case of emergencies.

During peak travel times, such as morning and afternoon rush hours, the Managed Lane will open (showing a green arrow) as a fourth lane of traffic to ease congestion. In the event that an accident or any instance that would require the use of a shoulder occurs while the lane is open, the lane will be closed and traffic will be required to merge out of it.

The electronic message boards showing the current status of the lane are stationed in advance of the entrance to the I-430 Bridge so drivers will have ample time to merge in or out of the lane before they reach the bridge.

The Managed Lane will be monitored by real people 24/7 at ARDOT’s Traffic Management Center. Lane status will not be automated.

The Managed Lane system offers the benefit of both an extra lane of traffic and a shoulder without having to widen the roadway. The Managed Lane system is a cost-effective alternative to building an entirely new bridge and a more immediate solution to traffic congestion.

Contact: Ellen Coulter

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March ?, 2023