Flashing Traffic Signal at Highway 270 and Crystal Hill Road Intersection in Garland County

GARLAND COUNTY | June 9, 2023

Construction to widen Highway 270 (Albert Pike Road) to five lanes in Garland County requires activation of a flashing traffic signal at the Highway 270 and Crystal Hill Road intersection in Hot Springs.

As work progresses, crews will activate the traffic signal around June 12, schedule permitting. The traffic signal will flash yellow on Albert Pike Road (Highway 270) for traffic to proceed with caution and flash red on the Crystal Hill approach to Highway 270 for traffic to make a complete stop. The flashing sequence will continue until the traffic signal becomes fully operational in mid-July.

This project (Job CA0607) is part of ARDOT’s Connecting Arkansas Program and includes widening 1.5 miles of Highway 270 to five lanes and bike lanes, extending generally from Fleetwood Drive to Highway 227 in Garland County. This project also includes improvements to the interchange with Hwy. 227. More information on this $22.6 million project is available at ConnectingArkansasProgram.com.


Contact: Ellen Coulter

NR 23-188

June 9, 2023