Member – Marie Holder

Member – Marie Holder

Marie Holder is currently serving on the Arkansas Highway Commission. Recently, she concluded her work on the Arkansas Women’s Commission, analyzing the role of Arkansas women in the labor market and economy. Prior to joining the Highway Commission, Marie served on the Arkansas State Medical Board where she represented patient interests as the consumer representative. 

Marie is the former Finance Director for Asa for Governor, AsaPAC and Executive Director of the Republican Party of Arkansas. Early in her career, she worked as Deputy Press Secretary to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott.

In 2023, Marie was honored to be asked to serve on the Arkansas Inaugural Committee by Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She was also honored as Member of the Year by WTS Arkansas, seeking to promote lifelong careers in transportation- attracting, retaining and advancing women in the industry.  

In her free time, she enjoys working with organizations that support young women, including local chapters of Delta Gamma Sorority, Daughters of the American Revolution and the Juliet Circle of Girl Scouts.

She is active in Second Presbyterian Church where she has been ordained as an elder and deacon. Marie, her husband Ryan and their two daughters live in Little Rock.