Forms & Resources

TitlePurposeLatest Revision 
Claim Form To request reimbursement for expenditures on contracted TRC projectsNovember 2022
Contract Budget Revision Request FormTo request a budget revision for a contracted TRC project outside the renewal and extension periodSeptember 2021
Contract Project Extension Request FormTo extend a contracted TRC project beyond the originally contracted dates (budget revision option included)September 2021
Contract Project Renewal Request Form To renew a contracted TRC project for a Fiscal Year in the original contract (budget revision option included)September 2021
Doc Express GuidanceTo provide guidance for submittal and approval of documents related to Research projects 2019
Equipment Capitalization NoticeTo notify ARDOT of equipment purchases for contracted projects September 2021
Equipment InventoryTo list all equipment purchased for a contracted project2017
Metric Conversion PageTo be included in all final reports
Out of State Travel AuthorizationTo request authorization for out-of-state travel related to contracted TRC projectsDecember 2021
Quarterly ReportTo provide update to ARDOT and FHWA on progress of contracted TRC projectsDecember 2021
Proposal TemplateTo prepare a proposal for a contracted TRC projectMay 2022
Research ManualTo clearly present the requirements and procedures governing the conduct of research projects and the implementation of research findings for ARDOT2019
Research Report Style GuideTo provide style guidance for all reports and documents originating with the Research Section2019
Technical Report Documentation PageTo be completed and included in all final reports
Travel Expense Detail Form To request reimbursement for travel expenditures on contracted TRC projectsNovember 2022
TRC Problem Statement FormTo submit a problem statement for consideration in the TRC processSeptember 2021