Local Bridge Program

Local Bridge Program

Local Programs Division
Email: LocalPrograms@ardot.gov
Phone: (479) 360-7161

Program Information

ARDOT’s Local Bridge Program provides Federal-aid funding for improvements or replacement of bridges located on public roads that are off of the Federal-aid Highway System, known as Off-System bridges. A Local Public Agency (LPA) must make the funding request via letter to the ARDOT Director. The request should include the bridge’s structure number, if available, and a description of the location.

Project Selection

Proposed projects must be:

  • Located on a route that is off the Federal-aid Highway System; and
  • On the National Bridge Inventory; and
  • Owned by a county, town, township, city, municipality or other local agency, or federally recognized tribe.

Priority for funding and project development will be given to projects that will improve or replace bridges that:

  • Are in poor or fair condition; or
  • Are posted for weight restrictions or operationally restricted; or
  • Have demonstrated safety issues.

Program Funding

The number of projects per LPA may be limited per FFY based on availability of funds. All phases of approved projects will be eligible for funding. ARDOT will provide 90% Federal-aid funding and the LPA will provide the 10% local match.


Funding Request Letter Template
Mock Example Funding Request Letter
Link to Guidelines for Implementation of the Local Bridge Program

Local Bridge Program Flyer