Our division administers all contracted highway projects primarily through the 31 Resident Engineers located statewide.

David Henning

Division Head

Phone: (501) 569-2251

Image of David Henning, head of ARDOT's Construction Division.

Our Mission

The Construction Division administers all contracted highway projects through the 31 ARDOT Resident Engineers and Consultant Resident Engineers located across the state.  The  Division is charged with the following responsibilities on all phases of the contract until the project is completed and the contractor is paid in full:

– Coordinating between the various divisions which are involved in the contract.
– Consulting with the Resident Engineer, District Engineer, the FHWA, utilities and other divisions on construction problems.
– Inspecting records and field work, including review and approval of all changes to the contract.
– Processing current and final estimates.
– Training of Division employees in order to promote statewide uniformity in the application of specifications.

The State Construction Engineer is assisted by Staff Construction Engineers.  The Staff Construction Engineers represent the Construction Office on field inspections and assist the District and Resident Engineers by recommending changes where construction difficulties have been encountered in the past.  In addition to their work with the Districts, Staff Engineers also act as liaison between the Construction Division and other Divisions.

The Resident Engineers are the authorized representatives of the Chief Engineer within their assigned jurisdiction.  The Resident Engineer is directly responsible for field construction projects on roads, bridges, and any other construction projects that are assigned to the Resident Engineer.

The State Construction Engineer is also assisted by a Central Office Staff.  This staff includes the Contract Estimates Section which is responsible for ensuring accuracy in the documenting of work completed by contractors and for the payment of those contractors.

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