About Assessments

Specialists within the Division assess impacts to social, economic, and environmental resources, including:

– Air quality
– Noise
– Hazardous materials
– Wetlands and streams
 Water quality, including public drinking supplies
– Farmland
– Land use and land cover
– Terrestrial and aquatic communities
– Endangered Species
– Economic
– Communities
– Relocations of homes and businesses
– Environmental Justice
– Recreational areas
– Archeological and historic sites
– Visual

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process involves coordination with other divisions of ARDOT, other state and federal agencies, the public, and other interested parties.  Avoidance or minimization of impacts is the desired goal, and if minimization or avoidance of impacts is not possible, mitigation for the impact(s) is developed, if possible.

The information developed and coordinated as part of the NEPA process, including the final NEPA document, is made available to the public via meetings and/or hearings, media, websites, and correspondence.  This public involvement process is coordinated with the Division’s Public Involvement Section.