Equipment and Procurement

The Mission of the Equipment and Procurement Division is to provide effective and efficient fleet management, as well as the purchasing of goods and services to support Department operations, and to do so in compliance with state and federal laws and Department policies.

Fraud Alert

Attention Vendors and ARDOT Staff!

Be aware of fraudulent quote requests and orders using ARDOT procurement contact information!

Vendors and ARDOT staff should be aware that vendors have reported that they are receiving requests for quotes or orders using ARDOT contact information. If you are unaware of the scam, vendors receive requests for quotes or purchase orders for goods where the name and billing address information is accurate but the email, phone number, fax number and shipping address are fake.

If any companies receive requests for quotes, credit line establishment or purchases from (but not limited to) Bill Wallwin, Gary Seacrest or Eric Money, DO NOT PLACE THE ORDER.

Sample Fraudulent Order

If you are uncertain if the order you have received is from ARDOT, please contact us as soon as possible using the form below. We highly encourage vendors who are victims of these scams to go to the FBI website at to report the scam online

Fraudulent Vendor Request