Report Fraud or Abuse

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Report Fraud or Abuse

Don’t Ignore Fraud. Speak up.

Reports can be made using the contact information below, or by completing the reporting form.

Issues that should be reported
  • Contract and Grant Fraud
  • Bribery, Kickbacks, and Gratuities
  • False Claims or Statements
  • Conflicts of Interest and Ethics Violations
  • Travel Fraud
  • Theft or Abuse of Government Property
  • Other Violations of State Law or Department Policy
How are complaints processed?

Upon receipt of a specific allegation of fraud or abuse, the Chief Auditor will evaluate the complaint and may take any of the following actions: open an investigation or audit, refer the matter to ARDOT management for appropriate review or action.

Upon resolution of a reported incident, the Chief Auditor will provide a written report detailing the results of the review to the Director, the Chief Fiscal Officer, and other Department management as appropriate.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, you may report anonymously. However, we encourage you to identify yourself in the event additional questions arise as we evaluate or pursue your allegations. Please consider providing your contact information to allow for follow-up contact if needed.

For more information visit:

Phone: (501) 569-2237

Complaints can be mailed to:
Arkansas Department of Transportation
Internal Audit Section
Attention: Chief Auditor
P.O. Box 2261
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-2261