Alternative Project Delivery

Collaborating with our general contractor and consultant engineer partners in an effort to provide value by improving quality and cost certainty, as well as expediting overall project delivery.

Tom Fisher

Division Head

Phone: (501) 569-2247

Image of Tom Fisher, head of ARDOT's Alternative Project Delivery Division.

Our Mission

The mission of the Alternative Project Delivery Division is to develop, implement, administer, and manage alternative contract delivery methods by collaborating with the State’s general contractor and consultant engineer partners and Department staff in an effort to provide value by improving quality and cost certainty while expediting overall project delivery.

The Alternative Project Delivery Division utilizes Design-Build, Construction Manager-General Contractor, and Progressive Design Build delivery methods.  Those 3 alternative delivery models differ from the Department’s traditional Design-Bid-Build method of contract administration by involving the general contractor in the Preconstruction activities of a project.  This early involvement has been shown to introduce innovation into design, provide greater cost certainty through all phases of project development, identify, eliminate, and/or mitigate project risks, and shorten overall project delivery time.

Alternative Project Delivery Division consists of 4 staff members:

·        Tom Fisher, P.E. – Alternative Project Delivery Administrator
·        Colton Cowles – Alternative Delivery Project Manager
·        Mark Trickey, P.E. – Alternative Delivery Project Engineer
·        Scott Eldridge – Lead Alternative Delivery Project Coordinator

In addition to managing the alternative delivery models, Alternative Project Delivery Division works closely with and manages the Department’s On-Call Independent Cost Estimator (ICE) and Project Procurement/Legal consultants.

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