Which Permit Do I Need?

Which Permit Do I Need?

Commercial vehicles entering and exiting Arkansas require various licenses and permits depending upon the nature of your travel and the type of product you are hauling. Please read EACH POINT carefully to determine if any or all apply to you.

A. I am hauling fuel and entering Arkansas:

  1. You will need an Arkansas Import/Export Permit.
  1. Click here to order Motor Fuel Import/Export Permits.
  1. These Permits are LOAD SPECIFIC and you will need to complete a permit for each trip. Registered Diversions are NOT accepted in place of an Import/Export Permit.

B. I drive a commercial vehicle:

  1. You need a Trip Permit to enter Arkansas if you are not a member of International Registration Plan (IRP); Permits are valid for 72 hours only. If you will be in Arkansas for an extended period without leaving, you must obtain a new Trip Permit every 72 hours. If you are not a member of IFTA, you must purchase fuel and keep the receipt (see B.2 below for more information).
  1. I have IRP, ITFA, both, or neither:
    1. Have IRP only – You will need fuel receipts (see #5 below)
    2. Have IFTA only – You only need a Trip Permit (see #3 and #4 below)
    3. Both – You are legal and do not need a Trip Permit
    4. Neither – You need both a Trip Permit and fuel receipts (see #3, #4, and #5 below)
  1. To obtain a Trip Permit, click here, then select “Trip Permits” to obtain a permit.
  1. You can contact a permit service, or you may purchase a temporary Trip Permit at the weigh station upon entering Arkansas. However, if the second option is chosen and the weigh station is passed without obtaining a permit you will be traveling illegally.
  1. The amount of fuel to purchase in Arkansas is calculated by dividing the miles traveled in Arkansas by five (5) miles per gallon. This total is the minimum amount of fuel you need to purchase. You may purchase fuel in Arkansas prior to arriving at a weigh station or you may purchase a fuel permit at the weigh station. The permits described above are vehicle specific and you will need a separate permit for each vehicle.

If you are unsure after reading this, please contact ARDOT Internal Audit (501-569-2237) or Arkansas Highway Police (501-569-2421) for additional information.