Multimodal Planning

Multimodal Planning

Phone: (501) 569-2429

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Multimodal Planning Section is to coordinate the development and implementation of statewide, performance-driven, long-range, multi-modal transportation plans that advance ARDOT’s vision for a safe and efficient transportation system that promotes economic vitality and quality of life across the State of Arkansas. 

Section Responsibilities

The Multimodal Planning Section consists of four teams: 

To accomplish our Mission, the Multimodal Planning Section engages with ARDOT’s many partners and stakeholders to identify their needs, priorities, and points of view; coordinates with other Divisions and Districts to develop transportation plans that are both practical and aspirational; seeks continuous improvement in our knowledge of planning principles, applicable laws and regulations, trends in demography and technology, and other forces that impact the transportation system; and explores new opportunities for ARDOT to best serve Arkansans.