Traffic Incident Management (TIM)

Traffic Incident Management (TIM)

National TIM Responder Training

The Traffic Incident Management (TIM) program removes incidents from Arkansas’ highways and restores normal travel operations as safely and quickly as possible. ARDOT partners with multiple agencies to:

  • Enhance responder safety
  • Enhance the safe and quick clearance of traffic incidents
  • Reduce the risk of secondary crashes
  • Support the economic vitality of Arkansas by minimizing delay

Why TIM?

  • Save Lives – Traffic incidents are the leading cause of death for law enforcement and EMS responders in the US, and results in multiple fatalities due to secondary crashes every year in Arkansas.
  • Save Time – Every minute a freeway lane is blocked can result in 4 minutes of delay.
  • Save Money – Less time spent in backups, fewer secondary crashes, fewer responder injuries, and fewer insurance claims all result in lowering costs for responder agencies, businesses, and the motoring public.


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