Arkansas Local Technical Assistance Program (ARLTAP)

LTAP Video Library

The LTAP library is designed to provide training tools to city and county agencies.  The videos are available in DVD format.

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1Manufacturing of corrugated steel pipePipeSteel pipeCambridge House
2Flagging procedures & operationsSafetyFlaggingSouth Carolina DOT
3Tort LiabilityLegal
4Comcore Road PlateMaintenanceTrenchingComcore Utility Products
5Creating a family policy against drug abuseDrugsSensor Technology
6A drug free work place is possibleDrugsaTest
7Emergency notifications systemsSafetyThe Enterprise Group
8Highway Innovatove TechnologyTechnologyInnovationsHITEC
9Prefabricated timber bridge deck panelsConstructionBridgesTKO Enterprises
10Soil stabilization for asphalt overlayConstructionSoil stabilizationUretek USA Inc.
11How to give a depositionLegalDepositionPA DOT
12Epoxy broadcast overlayMaintenanceOverlaySika Corporation
13Smoother pavementConstructionBonusAZ DOT
14Nova ChipConstructionOverlayKoch Materials
15Signs of workSafetySigningAHTD, Mack Blackwell
16Shoulder dropoffSafetyAHTD, Mack Blackwell
17DiversionsSafetyAHTD, Mack Blackwell
18Preventive MaintenanceMaintenanceFHWA
19Utility cuts in paved roadsMaintenanceLTAP
20Ultra thin whitetoppingConstructionOverlayAmerican Concrete Association
21Ready mixed flowable fillConstructionBackfillNational Ready Mix Concrete Association
22Retrofitting PCC Pavement with dowel barsConstructionFHWA
23Concrete bridge protection repair and rehabMaintenanceBridgesSHRP
24How to subdivide sectionsSurveyingBureau of Land Management
25Base course reinforcement using geosyntheticsConstructionGeosyntheticsMaine DOT
26Problems associated with gravel roadsMaintenanceGravel roadsFHWA
27Sign maintenance & installationMaintenanceSignsFHWA
28Looking backSafetyEquipmentJohn Deere
29A traffic plan to live bySafetyTraffic Education & Consulting Services
30Making safer roadsSafetyInsurance Institute for Highway Safety
31CDL – Vehicle safety (Part 2D)LicensingCDLAPWA
32CDL – Transporting Cargo (Part 3)LicensingCDLAPWA
33CDL – Transporting Passengers (Part 4)LicensingCDLAPWA
34Asphalt pavement inspection – part IConstructionAsphaltFHWA
35Chip seal surface treatmentConstructionAsphaltT2, UAF, UAPB
36Single & multiple surface treatmentsConstructionAsphaltInternational Road Foundation
37Seal coating – a matter of science & skillConstructionAsphaltMN DOT
38Equipment management systemsComputerFHWA
39Attaching snow plows to motor gradersMaintenanceVehicleFHWA
40What is anti icing?MaintenanceFHWA
41Arrow panels & Barrier Delineation in work zonesSafetySigningFHWA
42Utility cut repair – doing it rightMaintenanceMN Local Research Board
43Bridge replacement by precast concrete channelsMaintenanceBridgesAHTD, UAF, UAPB
44Protecting our pavementsMaintenanceFHWA
45The importance of roadway drainageMaintenanceDrainageFHWA
46Nighttime work zone traffic safetySafetySigningATSSA
47Maintaining gravel roads in ARMaintenanceGravel roadsAHTD, UAF, UAPB
48Bridge evaluation and postingPostingBridgesFHWA
49Ramp metering:  signal for successSafetySigningFHWA
50Work zone safety for roadway maintenance operationsSafetyMaintenanceFHWA
51Asphalt crack treatmentMaintenanceMN Local Research Board
52Intelligent Transportation InfrastructureTrafficFHWA
53Safety by associationSafetyATSSA
54Maintaining gravel roadsMaintenanceGravel RoadsWI Transportation Information Center
55CDL – Parts 1, 2A, 2BLicensingCDLPN DOT
56CDL – Parts 2C, 2D, 3, 4LicensingCDLPN DOT
57CDL – Parts 5, 6, 7LicensingCDLPN DOT
58Life in the Closed Lane – Parts 1-2SafetySigningATSSA
59Safety made simple:  the ABC’s of work zone safetySafetySigningATSSA
60Nighttime Traffic ControlSafetySigningATSSA
61The thin orange line – Parts 1-2SafetySigningATSSA
62PCC Plant Inspection  – Truck Mix PlantsPlant InspectionsDOT
63Hot In Place RecyclingRecyclingFHWA
64Dura PatcherEquipmentDurocraft
65Bunyard TunnelTunnelAHTD
66Snow & Ice ControlMaintenanceSnow & IceMN DOT
67New Mexico Training AcademyTrainingNew Mexico
68New Work Zone Safety DevicesTrafficSigningSHRP, 1992
69Setting Speed LimitsTrafficSpeedVermont Local Roads
70Pavement Structure Repair Techniques (2 Discs)MaintenancePavementFHWA
71Fixing the Bump at the End of the BridgeConstructionBridgeFHWA, 1998
72Asphalt Through the AgesTrainingAsphalt Institute
73The Clemson Beaver Pond LevelerEquipmentClemson University
74Breakaway Timber Utility PolesConstructionFHWA
75Roadway CompactionConstructionUAF, UAPB, AHTD
76FAHR RoadcrusherEquipmentFAHR Industries
77SHRPTrainingFHWA, 1993
78Retrofitted Load Transfer DevicesMaintenanceIN DOT
79Carbide GrindingEquipmentKeystone Engineering
80School Zone Safety SafetySigningUtah T2, 1992
81Hard Surfacing Gravel Roads using Premix AsphaltMaintenanceMO DOT
82Trencher Safety Operation & MaintenanceEquipmentCase Manufacturing
83MUTCD Millenium Edition Video ConferenceTrainingATSSA, 2001
84Traffic Signal ManagementTrafficSignalsFHWA
85The New Generation Snow & Ice ControlEquipmentTexas Transportation Institute
86The Best Defense Is a Good RoadTrainingFHWA
87Air Quality Conformity in Transportation PlanningAir QualityFHWA
88New Directions in Sign ManagementTrafficSigningATSSA
89Night Lights – How Retroreflectivity Makes Our Roads SafeTrafficRetroreflectivityATSSA
90Training the TrainerTrainingNC LTAP
91Pavement Management System for Local AdministratorsManagementPavementFHWA
94Training:  the Obscured AdvantageTrainingFHWA, 1995
95One Step From DeathSafetyIowa State University, 1995
96The importance of roadway drainageMaintenanceDrainageVermont LTAP
97From Research to RealityResearchSHRP
98Flowable FillConstructionSEFA
99Transport Trailer SafetySafetyVISTA, 1995
100Maintenance Management SystemsMaintenanceManagementFHWA
101Emergency ReliefEmergencyFHWA
102Creating Meadows Through Road Construction & Maint.ConstructionUSDA, Forest Service
103Traffic Control – What Works?TrafficMN Local Research Board, 1996
104Uses for Asphalt RubberAsphaltAsphalt Rubber Producers Group
105Motor Grader OperationEquipmentWashington DOT
106RTAP-AR: An intro. to the Rural Technology Assist. Prog.TrainingAHTD, UAPB, USDOT
107Timber Bridges – Build Better and SaveConstructionBridgesFHWA
108Anti-Icing for Maintenance PersonnelMaintenanceFHWA, Project 28
109Innovative Pavement Maintenance TechnologyMaintenancePavementSHRP, 1998
110Torts are Everybody’s BusinessLegalTortsPN DOT, 1992
111Local Government on Trial – Part 2LegalPN, 1995
112Local Government on Trial – Part 1LegalPN, 1995
113Maintaining Asphalt Roads – Blade PatchingMaintenanceAsphaltNM DOT, 1993
114Guard Rail Installation and RepairGuard RailAK Technology Transfer
115Basic Principles for Proper Install. of Corrug. Steel Dr. Struc.DrainagePipe InstallationNational Corrugated Steel Pipe Association
116Transporation LibrariansLibraryMN DOT, 1998
117Response to WinterMaintenancePA DOT, 1993
118Chip Seal Surfacing in ARConstructionChip SealsUAF, UAPB, AHTD
119The Last Game:  Live Line SafetySafetyNY DOT, 1992
120ABC’s of Work Zone Traffic SafetyTrafficSafetyATSSA, 2000
121Modern Timber BridgesBridgesRI T2, 1993
122Hot Mix Asphalt Is the Best BuyConstructionAsphaltNAPA, 1997
123Danger SignsSafetyATSSA
124Environmental Protection IssuesEnvironmentNCHRP
125If In Doubt, Get Out – Vehicle Fire SafetySafetyFireNB DOT
126Snow Plow & Spreader OperationsMaintenance
127Subsurface Utility EngineeringUtilitiesFHWA
128Aesthetic Bridge Rails & GuardrailsGuard RailFHWA
129Quality Control of Concrete Site (Part IV)ConstructionConcreteSHRP, 1994
130Quality Control of Concrete Site (Part III)ConstructionConcreteSHRP, 1994
131Introduction to Rehabilitation of Highway ConcreteConstructionConcreteSHRP, 1994
132Quality Control of Concrete Site (Part I)ConstructionConcreteSHRP, 1994
133Concrete Pavement OverlaysConstructionConcreteSHRP, 1994
134Alkali-Silica TestingConstructionConcreteSHRP, 1994
135Full Depth Repair of Jointed Concrete PavementMaintenanceConcreteSHRP, 1994
136Bridge Deck OverlaysConstructionConcreteSHRP, 1994
137Early Opening of Full Depth Concrete RepairsMaintenanceConcreteSHRP, 1994
138Quality Control of Concrete Site (Part II)ConstructionConcreteSHRP, 1994
139Partial Depth Repair of Concrete PavementMaintenanceConcreteSHRP, 1994
140Freeze-thaw TestingTestingSHRP, 1994
141Safely Controlling the Power of the Wheel LoaderEquipmentVISTA
142Safely Controlling the Power of the Crawler ExcavatorEquipmentVISTA
143Plows of the FutureEquipmentSHRP, 1993
144Staying Ahead of the Storm – Road Weather Info. SystemsEquipmentSHRP, 1992
145Technical Advancements for Maintenance WorkersMaintenanceSHRP
146Snow & Ice ControlMaintenanceSnow & IceSHRP, 1993
147Pavement Maintenance & Worker SafetyMaintenanceSafetySHRP, 1993
148Unsurface Road InspectionMaintenanceUSACOE, Cold Regions Research & Engineering Lab
149Evaluation Procedures for Deicing ChemicalsMaintenanceChemicalsSHRP
150Technical Advancements for Maintenance Workers (for CAOs)MaintenanceSHRP
151Concrete Bridge Protection, Repair & RehabilitationMaintenanceBridgeSHRP
152Finding Better Ways – New Research into Cost Effc Pave. Rep.MaintenancePavementSHRP
153Effective Snow FencesMaintenanceSnowSHRP
154Safety Restoration Snow Removal GuidelinesMaintenanceSnowFHWA
155Breakaway Sign ProgramSafetySignsNJ DOT
156Installation, Inspecn & Maint of Work Site Traffic Contrl Devc.SafetySignsInternational Road Federation, 1994
157Traffic Sign Installation & MaintenanceSafetySignsInternational Road Federation, 1994
158Developing Job Site Traffic Control PlansTrafficControl PlansInternational Road Federation, 1994
159Special Use Traffic ControlsSafetySignsInternational Road Federation, 1994
160Worldwide Traffic Sign SystemsSafetySignsInternational Road Federation, 1994
161Traffic Sign Placement & LocationSafetySignsInternational Road Federation, 1994
162Traffic Controls for Schools, RR Xings & Bicycle FacilitiesSafetySignsInternational Road Federation, 1994
163Traffic Control Signals at IntersectionsSafetyTraffic SignalsInternational Road Federation, 1994
164Markings & IslandsSafetyTraffic MarkingsInternational Road Federation, 1994
165Work Zone Safety ConceptsSafetyInternational Road Federation, 1994
166The Standard Proctor TestTestingAHTD, UAF, UAPB
167Mail Boxes May Be Hazardous to Your HealthSafetyMail BoxesTX DOT
168Project DocumentationConstructionReportingNCHRP
169Superpave – Asphalt Pavements that PerformConstructionAsphaltSHRP, 1992
170Right Before Your EyesTrafficPavement MarkingsATSSA
171Traffic BarriersSafetyBarriersFHWA
172Field Demonstr. of Adv. Data Acq. Techgy for Maint Mang.MaintenanceManagementNCHRP
173CDL Substance Abuse TrainingLicensingCDLAssociation of AR Counties
174Hydrated Lime – Key to Improved Asphalt PavementsAsphaltPavementsNational Lime Association, 1993
175AEMA Paving the Way to the 21st CenturyAsphaltEmulsionsAEMA, 1995
176Road Management SystemsMaintenanceManagementUSACOE, Cold Regions Research & Engineering Lab
177Unsurfaced Road ManagementMaintenanceManagementUSACOE, Cold Regions Research & Engineering Lab
178Chip Seal ApplicationConstructionAsphaltFHWA
179Trenching and Shoring TechniquesConstructionJ.J. Keller & Associates
180SI Metric for the WorkplaceTrainingMetricWorkplace Training
181Making the Effort WorksUtilitiesFHWA
182Forest Roads and the EnvironmentEnvironmentMaintenanceUSDA – Forest Service Series #1- March, 2002
183Reading the Right of WayMaintenanceGravel USDA – Forest Service Series #2 – March, 2002
184Reading Beyond the Traveled WayMaintenanceGravel USDA – Forest Service Series #3 – March, 2002
185Smoothing and Reshaping the Traveled WayMaintenanceGravel USDA – Forest Service Series #4- March, 2002
186Maintaining the Ditch and Surface Cross DrainsDrainageMaintenanceUSDA – Forest Service Series #5 – March, 2002
187Soil stabilization – selecting the modifierSoilStabilizationERES
188PN Bridges:  Maintaining the Part – Preserving the FutureConstructionBridgeFHWA, 2002
189Halff Visualization Project PortfolioDevelopmentHalff Associates
1901999 Interstate Rehab Prog: Remain Rehab ProjectsConstructionInterstates
1911999 Interstate Rehab Prog: Remain Rehab ProjectsConstructionInterstates
192Defensive Driving for Government EmployeesSafetyCoastal Training Tech, Inc
193Rotary Mower OperationEquipmentUtah DOT
194Meth lab waste recognition for Adopt-a-Hwy volunteersDrugsColorado DOT
195On Again, Off Again: A guide to mount & dism hvy eqpmtSafetyPERI
196Crawler-Excavator: Pre-start Inspctn; Safe oper. tech.EquipmentVISTA, Start Smart Video, 2003
197Work zone safety for rural local agencies, Parts 1-7SafetyUNC ITRE, FHWA, NCAPT
198Power line hazard awarenessSafetyVISTA, Start Smart Training
199Effec pavement preserva. by identifying distress conditionsMaintenancePavementOhio LTAP/FHWA
200Paving practices for qualityMaintenancePavementNational Asphalt Pavement Association
201Traffic control for urban and utility work zonesTrafficATSSA
202Taking control of your motor graderEquipmentJohn Deere Training Center
203Greater Excavator VersatilityEquipmentJohn Deere Training Center
204Dump truck operationEquipmentIowa DOT
205Not a Toy: Dump truck preventative maintenanceEquipmentState Department of Highway & Public Trans.
206Loader OperationsEquipmentIowa DOT
207Right-of-Way Mowing SafetySafetyJohn Deere Training Center
208Grading safety & Structures safetySafetyHighway Work Zone Safety Series, Iowa DOT
209Professional flagging & Traffic control safetySafetyFlaggingHighway Work Zone Safety Series, Iowa DOT
210Plant site safety & One step from deathSafetyHighway Work Zone Safety Series, Iowa DOT
211Driving in OrangeSafetyMack-Blackwell, AHTD, UAF
212Deere C-series and C-series II safety, maint and operationEquipmentJohn Deere Training Center
213John Deere G-series dozer safety, maint and operationEquipmentJohn Deere Training Center
214Backhoe-Loader: Pre-start inspection; Safe operating tech.EquipmentVISTA, Start Smart Training
215Glass fiber reinforced polymer bridge deckConstructionBridgesFHWA, NC DOT
216Accessible sidewalks: Design issues for pedest with disabConstructionSidewalksUS Access Board
217Concrete overlay I-80 California at Donner PassConstructionConcretePortland Cement Association
218Public Works Mutual Aid ProgramDevelopmentUniversity of New Hampshire T2 Center
219Reduce Congestion thru Access ManagementSafetyCongestionFHWA/DOT
220Roadway Safety + Disaster ResponseSafetyARTBA, NAPA
221J. Deere 2008-tractor/bushhog safety, maint & operatSafetyBushogJohn Deere Training Center
222Texas DOT – Defensive Flagging: A Survivor’s GuideSafetyFlaggingTX DOT
223Conc. Pavement Maint. Full Depth Patching Master CDMaintenanceConcreteAHTD, UAF
224Conc. Pavement Maintenance Full Depth Patching CDMaintenanceConcreteAHTD, UAF
225Rd Maint. Video Set (Maint. Low Vol. Roads)MaintenanceFHWA, USDA and TEEX
226Training for Maint. Traf. Sign Retro, MUTCD and sgn inspecSafetyFHWA, Sept. 2008
227Guidelines for the Selection of W-Beam Barrier TerminalsSafetyFHWA 
228Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Field GuideFHWA and Minnesota
229Gravel Road Maint.: Meeting the ChallengeMaintenanceFHWA and Minnesota
230Operators Pre-Start Motor Grader InspectionMaintenanceFHWA and TEEX
231Work Zone Operations…Best Practices GuidebookSafetyFHWA
232Driver Ed: Work Zone Awareness ProgramSafetyCell phne & yrh spkIllinois DOT and ATSSA
233Rumble Strips:  A Sound InvestmentSafetyFHWA
234Median Barriers: Rumble StripsSafetyFHWA
235Road Safety 365: A Safety Workshop for Local GovernmentsSafetyFHWA
236Tractor/Motor Operator Safety TrainingSafetyTmost Training
237Defensive Flagging: A Survivor’s Guide (English and Spanish)SafetyTEEX Training
238Dangerous Travelers:Control Invasive Plants….RoadwaysSafety & Maint.USDA….PennDOT
239DeicingEquipment & SafetyAASHTO and Clear Roads Research (2009)
240Winter Maintenance ManagementEquipment & SafetyAASHTO and Clear Roads Research (2009)
241Problems with Gravel RoadsMaintenance
242Large Equipment SafetySafetyTraining Network
243Confined Space Entry:Plan and PrepareSafetyDuPont (2011)
244Heat Stress: Code RedSafetyCoastal
245Safe Winter DrivingSafetyCoastal
246Dealing w Drug & Alcohol Abuse ManagementTraining Network
247Preventing Sexual Harassment For Supervisors & ManagersManagementTraining Network
248LTAP/TTAP Supplemental Training Videos Equipment & SafetyFHWA (2015)
249Forklift Basics: Safe from the StartSafetyCoastal