Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

All ARDOT construction and maintenance sites that disturb one or more acres of soil have a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) designed and implemented on the project.  ARDOT SWPPPs use a standard template and utilize basic information from standard ARDOT documents.

The Construction Plans contain temporary and permanent erosion controls and permanent stormwater management measures detailed specifically for the project as well as standard drawings for details of temporary erosion control devices and permanent stormwater management measures.

Contract documents provide the Contractor and ARDOT with additional requirements including such things as supplemental specifications and special provisions.  Other parts of the SWPPP that are included in the Contract include the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Special Provision and a copy of the Notice of Intent.

The majority of construction projects undertaken by ARDOT are then let to independent contractors who install and maintain BMPs and implement construction waste control in accordance with the SWPPP.  Once the job is contracted, it is normally under the oversight of a Resident Engineer with on-site inspectors to ensure the contractor complies with the SWPPP requirements for installation and maintenance of BMPs and the control of construction waste.  ARDOT inspectors complete a formal inspection of each permitted project every seven days, document the results on an inspection form and, after approval by the Resident Engineer, provide a copy to the contractor to use in correcting deficiencies.

If the district personnel find the SWPPP is not working as designed, they have the authority and responsibility to initiate changes to correct any deficiencies.