Asset Management

Providing information generated through the collection, management, and analysis of data related to traffic, the roadway system, asset performance, and transportation-related research.

Asset Management

Mission Statement
The mission of the Asset Management Section is to collect, analyze, manage, report, and disseminate pavement performance data and information on all state highways.  The Asset Management Section develops and maintains tools and methods to assist decision-makers in finding cost-effective strategies for maintaining the highway network in a state of good repair. 

Bryan Signorelli, P.E.

Staff Asset Management Engineer
Phone: (501) 569-2435

The Asset Management Section is responsible for collecting, processing, analyzing, and reporting pavement performance and inventory data on all routes of the state highway system.  Using this data, we develop preservation and rehabilitation strategies and project prioritization methodologies.  The section is responsible for pavement-related information on the 16,400 miles of highway that form the State Highway System. It is also tasked with providing pavement-related data to the federal government as required by legislation such as FAST Act, MAP-21, and other FHWA mandates.

Data Collection Team
The Data Collection Team utilizes a variety of data collection equipment such as an Automatic Road Analyzer (ARAN), Falling Weight Deflectometers (FWD), and Pavement Friction Testers (PFT) to supply the Pavement Engineering and the Structural Engineering teams with mission-critical data.

Pavement Engineering Team
The Pavement Engineering Team is responsible for processing, analyzing, and reporting on pavement related information, which is collected with the ARAN.  This includes ride quality, rutting, cracking data, faulting, and overall pavement condition.  The team is also responsible for collection, processing, and analyzing data collected using several types of handheld equipment. 

Structural Engineering Team
The Structural Engineering Team supports routine pavement design, aids forensic studies, routes super heavy loads and evaluates their effect on pavement, evaluates the removal and addition of weight restricted routes, and supports pavement management activities at both project and network levels.  In addition to collecting Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data, this team analyzes data from Falling Weight Deflectometers (FWD) and Pavement Friction Testers (PFT). 

ARDOT Transportation Asset Management Plan

ARDOT Preventive Maintenance Plan