Land Surveys

Providing Engineering Surveys and Land Surveys to support the planning, design, and construction of transportation projects.

Land Surveys

The Surveys Division has multiple Professional Surveyors (PS) and Surveyor Interns (SI) that coordinate and conduct title research, field reconnaissance and collection, and platting to show right of way and property ownership along existing or proposed transportation corridors.  The land survey plats, or survey worksheets, are then used by the Right of Way Division to prepare right of way maps and develop legal descriptions for property acquisition where necessary for construction projects.  Right of way that is required for a construction project is typically monumented by Surveys Division personnel or certified consultants after the project is complete

Highway projects with Right of Way acquired in fee since the early 1990s have been surveyed and survey worksheets for these projects may be available by calling 501-569-2385 or email

Right of way plans, court orders, and construction plans may be obtained by contacting ArDOT ROW Division at 501-569-2329 or email

General Land Office notes and plats, corner certificates, and surveys may be obtained from the Arkansas State Land Surveyor website or by calling 501-683-1666.