Public Involvement and Education

An informed and knowledgeable community is important for the success of a stormwater management program. When the public gains a greater understanding of the reasons stormwater management is necessary and important, it ensures greater support for the program. As the public becomes aware of the personal responsibilities expected of them and others in the community, including the individual actions that they can take to protect or improve the quality of area waters, it encourages public action and support that will reduce stormwater impacts. Stormwater outreach material can reach a large audience.

ARDOT has stormwater management material available for several audiences, including adults and children posted on this website. The website also includes Spanish language material for members of the Hispanic community. This material is also distributed in print form during Earth Day activities at schools, at Arkansas Welcome Centers, and other venues when requested. In 2011, the Department began publishing articles to the Arkansas Highways Newsletter, an internal publication as well as the Arkansas Highways Magazine that is distributed statewide to over 4,000 individuals.

Magazine Articles