Aerial Photo Order Form

Aerial Photo Order Form

Order form must be filled out completely to process your order.

Some of our photos are on the website You may want to try them first.

To process your aerial photography order, please provide us with the following information:

1) Your target area boldly outlined on a legible city, county, topographical map or by a land call using Township, Range, Section. Google or Yahoo maps accepted. County and City maps may be obtained through ARDOT web site

2) List the county/city where area is located.

3) The physical sizes of the reproductions are approximately 10″x10″, 20″x20″ or 40″x40″. If your outlined area or scale is too large for the print size requested, we will adjust to the next larger size.

4) Date of photography desired. (Note: County photography is not flown on a specific schedule. Therefore, the year requested may not be the actual year available, we will print the closest available date. You must specify if this is not acceptable.)

5) The name, mailing, and billing address of the company placing the order. Orders placed by individuals require payment in full before your order will be processed.

6) The name, telephone number and email of the contact person.

We have LIMITED color coverage as of January 2003. If color photography is available, your photo request will be printed in color.

10″x10″ Contact Print  $7.00 
10″x10″ Enlargement/Paper$7.00 
20″x20″ Enlargement/Paper$28.00 
40″x40″ Enlargement/Paper 10″x10″ $112.00  
Contact Digital files on DVD or Emailed$7.00
Prices for the above-listed reproductions are revised annually and are subject to change without notice. If the order falls between the sizes listed, you will be charged for the next larger size. (Supersedes previous price list effective January 1, 2018.)

To place an order, fill out the form below.

Aerial Photograph Order Form

(Processing your order can take approximately THREE to TEN days)

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    (Individuals must pay in advance.)
    ( For Contact Prints ONLY )
    ( One Photo May Not Cover the Area )
  • Order must be accompanied by an official map (city, county, quad) with the area boldly outlined that you request, or by a land call using Township, Range and Section with county location.
    County and City maps may be obtained through ARDOT website at