System Information & Research

Providing information generated through the collection, management, and analysis of data related to traffic, the roadway system, asset performance, and transportation-related research.

Research Staff

Office Assistant
(501) 569-4922

Sanghyun Chun, Ph.D., P.E.
Advanced Research Study Engineer
(501) 569-2933

Gloria Hagins
Research Study Analyst
(501) 569-2071

Kimberly Romano, P.E.
Advanced Research Study Engineer
(501) 569-2195

Robin Russell
Research Financial Coordinator
(501) 569-2268

Mark Simecek, P.E.
Research Study Engineer
(501) 569-2479

Bethany Stovall
Research Support Supervisor
(501) 569-2279

Patrick Thomas
LTAP Program Manager
(501) 569-2380

For General Inquiries

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