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Wildflower Program

Photograph by John Jackson

“The Natural State” is graced with more than 600 species of wildflowers.

Wildflowers are now being utilized by the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) to help beautify the over 200,000 acres of highway roadsides it maintains.  ARDOT’s Wildflower Program has three parts: a Wildflower Route Program, which preserves existing wildflower populations; Operation Wildflower, which establishes new wildflower populations; and the Wildflower Sign program which strives to increase public awareness of the ARDOT Wildflower Program.  These programs help reduce long-term maintenance costs, enhance roadside wildlife habitat, provide an attractive roadside environment, and preserve native plant populations. 

Wildflower Routes

Throughout the state of Arkansas, approximately 1,000 miles of highways have been included in a system of Wildflower Routes to showcase existing wildflower populations.  Maintenance practices along these routes allow annual and perennial wildflowers to prosper and return year after year. 

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Operation Wildflower

Operation Wildflower establishes new roadside wildflower populations with seed donated by a sponsor.  Wildflower populations may be established along interstates and primary highways with wide rights-of-way because of their potential for showy displays in the large planting area they offer.  Planting sites are limited by safety restrictions, site accessibility, chemical and physical soil characteristics, and the availability of seed. 

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Native Wildflower Area Signage Program

“Native Wildflower Area” signs are erected to direct attention to naturally occurring wildflower populations on highway rights-of-way. We encourage the public to inform us of large, showy stands of naturally occurring wildflowers!

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Photograph by John Jackson

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