Document TitleDocument Description
AASHTO Audit Guide for Audits of Transportation ConsultantsThe primary focus of the guide is auditing and reporting on the indirect costs and resultant overhead rates of consultants who perform engineering and engineering-related work for State Highway Agencies.
ACHM Mix DesignsACHM Mix Designs Multiple Files. Listing Asphalt Concrete Hot Mix Designs.
Adopt-a-Highway InformationDescribes the qualifications, requirements and application process for organizations and individuals to participate in the ARDOT Adopt-A-Highway program.
ARDOT Design and Land Surveying Policies and Procedures ManualThis manual provides the general guidelines for use by County Judges in beginning and advancing State Aid construction projects. 
Annual ReportsDepartment Annual reports prepared by the ARDOT.
Annual Fact SheetThumbnail sketch of organization and personnel, federal and state motor tax rates, construction costs per mile and State Highway System mileage.
Application For Utility For Mechanical Or Chemical ControlApplication For Utility For Mechanical Or Chemical Control
Arkansas Scenic Byways ProgramThe purpose of this program is to facilitate Arkansans’ recognition of special routes within the state.
Audit ReportsAudit Reports of ARDOT District Offices, Resident Engineer Offices, and Central Office Divisions.
Bid Advertisements and Letting InformationAdvertisements of bids and results of the letting process.
Bid ResultsOnce contracts are awarded, the results are placed on the site along with bid tabulations. This information can be downloaded.
Bid TabulationsOnce contracts are awarded, the results are placed on the site along with bid tabulations. This information can be downloaded.
Biennial ReportsDepartment Biennial reports prepared by the ARDOT.
Bond to Guarantee Satisfactory Restoration Of Highway Right Of WayForm used for utility permit bonds
Bridge Bid TabulationsLists each bridge project let to contract and the three lowest bids for each project.
Bridge Costs (Typical)The average unit cost for items necessary to build a new or replacement highway bridge (excluding culverts).
Bridge Division Policies and Practices Memos (Design Related)Collection of policies and practices that have been adopted and are currently being used by the ARDOT Bridge Division and may be unique to the state of Arkansas.
Bridge Posting MaterialRequest form for materials used to warn the traveling public of required weight limit restrictions on bridges in their jurisdiction.
City Maps and County MapsArkansas county and city maps provide the most accurate and current data available on many different physical and cultural features.
Commuter Park & Ride Lots in ArkansasLocations of Commuter Park and Ride Lots across Arkansas.
Contested DecisionsDocuments for Contested Decisions as determined by the courts
Cost per MileEstimated cost per mile for projects based on the type of proposed construction.
DBE DirectoryLists the businesses eligible for hire in fulfilling DBE requirements under ARDOT contracts
DBE Program Status ReportsReports the hiring and utilization of DBE businesses for ARDOT contracts
DBE RegulationsDescribes the policies and requirements of businesses determined to qualify as Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE).
Department Budget InformationARDOT Appropriation for the 2018-2019 Year
Directory of Transportation Services and ProvidersInformation on public and paratransit transportation systems in Urban, Rural and Non-Urbanized areas.
Drainage ManualA manual that contains all the AASHTO information needed to size drainage structures.
Electronic Bidding SystemExpedite software is available on the ARDOT website. The Expedite program allows a contractor interested in bidding on a construction project to download the specific quantities for the job.
Frequently Asked QuestionsAnswers to frequently asked questions
FTA Programs (Federal Transit Administration)Various FTA programs and descriptions administered by ARDOT.
GPSKnown horizontal points throughout the State of Arkansas set by ARDOT.
Insurance InformationState Employee Benefits
Intermodal PlanningCurrent planning activities focus on providing improved intermodal connections, enhancing shipping choices, and conducting intermodal studies to aid local and regional economic development efforts.
List of Frequently Used DrawingsA list of drawings that have been developed and standardized by ARDOT and are frequently used on bridge projects.
Long Range Intermodal Transportation PlanDescribe the transportation services provided in Arkansas, show the transportation needs in the state, consider actions to match needs and services, and explore options for funding improvements to the system.
Metropolitan Planning OrganizationsMPOs, in cooperation with the state, develop transportation plans and programs for urbanized areas of the state.
Microfilm IndexingLists the types of personnel records that ARDOT Human Resources saves on microfilm.
Minute OrdersOfficial decisions by the Arkansas Highway Commission
NEPA Documents (EA’s, EIS’s, Categorical Exclusions)Documents the findings of the ARDOT in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act in the format of Environmental Assessments (EA) and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS).
Permit InformationPermit Forms and Information
Personnel Information (Statistics Only)Quantifies demographic details of the ARDOT workforce
Press ReleasesProvides a list and copy of all press release information released to the media.
Property ManagementThe Department’s Property Manager is responsible for the removal or sale of improvements acquired by the Department, sale of surplus land, leases, rentals and airspace permits. For information on Property Management, call (501) 569-2318.
Public NoticesLists scheduled public involvement sessions in communities being affected by state roadway construction projects.
Qualified Products ListsQualified Products List (QPL)_List of Products Pre-Approved for Use on Department Projects.
Research Problem Statement FormThe Research Section has bound copies of Transportation Research Committee (TRC) Final Reports. 
Right-of-Way Policy and Procedures ManualOutlines the steps followed by the Department for acquisition of property and relocation of affected landowners.
Roadway Design Plan Development GuidelinesGuidelines that describe how to assemble a set of Construction Plans.
Safety ManualThe Department’s Safety Manual is designed to provide information to help prevent all types of accidents and contains information that ranges from seatbelt usage to security measures.
Salary ScheduleDescribes grade levels of various department positions and the base salary of each.
Standard DrawingsThese drawings are developed by ARDOT and are used to show Contractors and Engineers the method by which to construct various items within the proposed project.
Standard Special DetailsDrawing to aid in the construction and layout of various items included in the Construction Plans.
Standard Specifications and SupplementsStandard Construction Specifications and Supplements
State Aid Road Development ManualThis manual provides the general guidelines for use by County Judges in beginning and advancing State Aid construction projects
Statewide Traffic Volumes MapAnnual average daily traffic, or AADT, developed from 24-hour counts taken during 2002 on the state highway system.
Statewide Vehicle Classification MapTruck percent shown on the maps are based on 48 hour weekday classifications made on selected ADT station locations.
Stewardship and Oversight AgreementThis document sets forth the agreement between FHWA and the Department on the roles and responsibilities of each organization with respect to Title 23 of the United States Code project approvals and related responsibilities, and Federal-aid Highway Program oversight activities.
STIP (Statewide Transportation Improvement Program)Lists all highway construction and transit projects that are programmed to use Federal-aid funds administered by the Department.
Survey control-LocationHorizontal and vertical control data set by ARDOT.
TitlesQuantifies the variety of positions available at the ARDOT.
Tourist MapPopular statewide map of Arkansas providing information on highways, cities, parks, and tourist information.
Traffic Information DatabasesVehicle volumes and travel statistics collected throughout the year
Utility Accommodation PolicyOutlines the policies and procedures for the accommodation of utility facilities, both public and private, on the right-of-way of all roadways and property in the State Highway System.
Utility PermitApplication Form for a Utility Permit. This form is required for any construction, maintenance or related work on State Highway Rights of Way or property.
Wildflower Program InformationExplains the ARDOT program to promote the natural growth and distribution of wildflowers along Arkansas roadways.