Jonesboro South & West Connector Study

Jonesboro South & West Connector Study

December 2021 Public Involvement Meeting

The material below was presented at a public meeting on December 8th and is provided below for your review.  Please use the online survey or comment form to provide your feedback by December 29th.

Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ARDOT studying the South and West area of Jonesboro?

Craighead County is one of Arkansas’s fastest-growing counties, with much of this growth occurring south and west of Interstate 555 (I-555).  As this growth is expected to continue, it is important to plan now for tomorrow’s transportation needs.  To this end, the Department is conducting a long-range planning study of this area.

Although there are numerous arterial roadways connecting Jonesboro to areas south and west of I-555, there is not a convenient, direct route connecting these areas to each other.  As a result, travelers must use long, circuitous paths to travel across the region, even if their destination is close “as the crow flies”.  This also increases traffic congestion on the few routes that do connect.  By studying these roadways now, plans can be made to meet future transportation needs.

What are you planning to do in this area?

This study seeks to understand the need for roadway connectivity to the south of west of I-555.  This need will be reviewed in terms of connectivity/mobility, safety, maintenance, multimodal performance, and economic competitiveness.  Based on this need, the feasibility of a new or improved continuous roadway through the region will be evaluated.  This study will guide future transportation improvements in the region.

When will improvements happen?

No funds have been dedicated to a new arterial roadway through the study area.  Once this study is complete, improvements will be considered as funds become available.

I have concerns about travel South and West of I-555, or have ideas on how to make it better.

This is the perfect time to share your thoughts!  The study team is looking for your help in understanding transportation needs in the area, whether these concerns relate to connectivity, safety, maintenance, pedestrian/bicycle needs, economic competitiveness, or any other issue.

While we are eager to discuss your thoughts, the most important thing that you can do is fill out a comment form.  This will ensure that your comments are recorded.  The meeting materials will also be placed on this website, so please share the word with anyone else who is interested.  All comments need to be submitted by December 29, 2021.

South & West Connector Study Comment Form

Comments can be submitted by December 29, 2021 via the online survey or by printing a comment form and submitting it via email to or by mail to 10800 Financial Centre Parkway, Suite 500, Little Rock, AR 72211.