Hill Street Connection to John Harden Drive Permanently Closed in Jacksonville

PULASKI COUNTY | May 18, 2023

Construction to widen Highway 67 to six lanes between Main Street and Vandenberg Boulevard in Jacksonville requires the permanent closure of the Hill Street connection to John Harden Drive.

Weather permitting, crews will close the Hill Street connection to John Harden Drive Sunday, May 21. This is a permanent closure. This closure is part of the frontage road improvements taking place on John Harden Drive and TP White Drive.

This project (Job CA0604) is part of ARDOT’s Connecting Arkansas Program and includes widening 2.5 miles of Highway 67 to six lanes, between Main Street (Exit 9) and Vandenberg Boulevard (Exit 11) in Jacksonville. The project also includes improvements at the James Street interchange (Exit 10A), the Gregory Street Interchange (Exit 10B), the Vandenberg Boulevard interchange (Exit 11), and conversion of the Frontage roads from two-way to one-way. More information on this $145.2 million project is available at ConnectingArkansasProgram.com.

Contact: Ellen Coulter

NR 23-143

May 18, 2023