Speed Enforcement Cameras Now Legal in Arkansas Interstate Work Zones

ALL COUNTIES | July 28, 2023

Beginning August 1, Arkansas law enforcement officers will have a new tool to help enhance safety by utilizing automated speed enforcement cameras in Interstate work zones.

Senator Kim Hammer (R) and Representative Lanny Fite (R) introduced the legislation, which was approved by the Arkansas State Legislature and signed by Governor Sarah Sanders earlier this year.  The law allows for the use of automated speed enforcement devices to capture images of speeding vehicles in Interstate work zones. Information regarding the speeding vehicle will be transmitted to an officer stationed downstream, who will then have the authority to issue a warning or citation.   

“This technology will help save lives,” said ARDOT Director Lorie Tudor. “I want to thank the Arkansas State Legislature and the Governor for enacting this law in the interest of worker and motorist safety across the State.”

This technology is solely used to assist officers in enforcing speed limits in Interstate work zones. It will not be used to issue tickets by mail. An officer must be present for a warning or ticket to be issued. Signs will alert drivers when they are entering a work zone that may have automated speed enforcement devices in use. The law stipulates that data captured from these devices shall not be retained except when it is used to issue a warning or citation.

“With the ongoing shortage of law enforcement officers, this technology will help supplement our existing officers’ efforts to keep Arkansas roadways safe,” said Arkansas Highway Police Chief Jeff Holmes. “The automated camera’s presence in the work zone means we can have an officer stationed downstream to safely perform traffic stops outside of the work zone, keeping everyone safer.”

To view the full text of Act 707, click here.


Contact: Ellen Coulter

NR 23-252

July 28, 2023