Share The Road

Share The Road

What is Share The Road?

The goal of the Share the Road campaign is to provide travelers with information on laws, policies, maps, and resources to commute safely on Arkansas’ roadways, whether by walking, driving, or biking. Trending data shows an increase in pedestrian fatalities, and one is one too many. Help us create a safer environment by doing your part! GO with Care—Get There!

Learn more about our Share The Road campaign in our blog posted on the Arkansas Times.

Be Safe. Be Seen!


Most accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists happen during poor lighting conditions. The average low-beam headlight shines 160 feet—that’s almost half the length of a football field. An average local speed limit is 40 miles per hour, which is about the length of a bowling lane, per second. What does all of this math mean?

If you’re driving 40 mph at dusk, dawn, or nighttime, and you’re using your low-beams, you can only see 3 seconds in front of you. Would you be able to stop fast enough to save a life?

The best case scenario is you’re paying attention and have enough time to stop.

What is a pedestrian?

Everyone is a pedestrian. People walking, jogging, using a wheelchair, or taking their pet for a stroll all count as pedestrians, even if they’re on the sidewalk. Of course, people crossing the street at an intersection or using a crosswalk are also pedestrians. A crosswalk exists at any public road intersection, whether marked or unmarked.  WALK with Care—Get There!

Why can’t bicycles use the sidewalk?

Sidewalks are for walkers, not bicyclists. Bicycles share many of the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle users. Arkansas law states that bicycles must travel on the right with traffic, and on a safe area of the road. BIKE with Care—Get There!

Lives lost in traffic crashes in 2020:

What can I do?

As a motorist…

commit to being alert and sharing the road with both pedestrians and bicycles. Be patient at intersections or if a bicycle is using your lane. DRIVE with Care—Get There!

When it’s dark: Look for reflective, high-visibility clothing or lights at all times, but especially near a crosswalk. Cyclists should have a white light on the front and red reflector on the rear of the bike, and will travel the same direction as traffic. Pedestrians may use wearable safety lights or their phone flashlight to increase visibility.

  • DRIVE ALERT. Avoid distractions and using devices.
  • WATCH OTHERS. Other travelers have the right to use the roadway.
  • SLOW DOWN. Give yourself time to react in case of an incident.

Did you know there is a Friendly Driver Certification Program in Little Rock?
Check it out here.

As a cyclist…

be visible and ride alert. Yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and always maintain control of your bicycle.

When it’s dark: Arkansas law requires you to ride with traffic, have a white front light and rear red reflector light on the bike. Recent legislation now protects you along with pedestrians in a crosswalk. Wearing reflective and high-visibility clothing increases your chances of being seen.

  • OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS. A lack of a motor doesn’t exempt you from getting a ticket.
  • RIDE WITH TRAFFIC. It’s the law, plain and simple. Ride on the right for everyone’s safety.
  • STAY IN CONTROL. Never ride under the influence, unless you want a DUI.

As a pedestrian…

give extra attention to your surroundings on busy roadways and intersections. Just because you have the right of way does not protect you from danger.

When it’s dark: Your safest option is to walk facing traffic and wear reflective, high-visibility clothing. Use wearable safety lights or your phone’s flashlight while walking near a roadway. Do NOT wear dark colors.

  • USE THE CROSSWALK. It’s your safest option.
  • HEAD UP, EYES OPEN. Have visual confirmation from others that they see you.
  • BE VISIBLE. Avoid wearing black and wear reflective clothing when possible.
Don’t add to the statistics—Be Safe. Be Seen and Safely Share the Road.

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