2024 Solar Eclipse

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2024 Solar Eclipse

Countdown to Totality


Several state and partner agencies are preparing for various aspects of the 2024 solar eclipse. The event is expected to draw millions of tourists from throughout the country and the world. Arkansas plans to be well-equipped to make the experience enjoyable and safe for both residents and visitors. ARDOT has created a website with practical and logistical information for making the most of this amazing once-in-a lifetime-event in communities across Arkansas. 

Animation of the Moon’s shadow focused on Arkansas (courtesy of GreatAmericanEclipse.com)


Viewers in every location in Arkansas will need to ensure they have proper eye protection when viewing the eclipse.   Looking directly at the sun, even during partial phases of an eclipse, can damage the eyes.  

NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN without proper eyewear. 

There are many devices used to view eclipses safely. The most familiar are solar eclipse glasses. Other indirect viewing and projection devices are quite popular as well. It is important to check that any viewing device meets safety standards. The American Astronomical Society has information on How to View a Solar Eclipse Safely.  ​NASA also offers a page on Eye Safety During a Total Solar Eclipse.