Governmental Relations

Working with our partners at the State and National levels.

Gill Rogers

Governmental Relations Officer

Phone: (501) 569-2108

Image of Gill Rogers, head of ARDOT's Governmental Relations Division.

Our Mission

Our Mission:

The Governmental Relations Office coordinates legislative activity for the Arkansas Department of Transportation and advises the Administration on legislative strategy in an effort to foster positive relationships among the Department, the Governor’s Office, the General Assembly and Congress.

We advocate for ARDOT’s mission and vision before the Arkansas General Assembly and Congress. The division is responsible for the fostering of positive working relationships between the department and legislature; the monitoring of transportation-related bills throughout the legislative process; the handling of casework originating within a legislative office; and the coordinating of efforts to ensure that legislative initiatives are consistent with the overall policies and goals of the administration.

GRO seeks to:

  • Articulate the Department’s position on legislation proposed by members of the state legislature and Congress
  • Facilitate the appearance of Department witnesses at hearings
  • Manage the interagency clearance of legislative proposals, post-hearing questions for the record, statutory reports and other correspondence
  • Coordinate the Department’s responses to requests and other inquiries from individual Members and congressional staff

These functions are important to the Department’s cooperative and productive relationship with both the state legislature and Congress.


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