Internal Audit

Providing independent and objective evaluations of the efficiency, effectiveness, and economy of Department operations as well as ensuring compliance with governing motor fuel laws and IFTA regulations

Motor Fuel Import-Export Permits

Arkansas Motor Fuel Laws

  • Require a motor fuel license to import fuel into the state or to export fuel out of the state.
  • Require any load of fuel being imported or exported to be accompanied by an Import/Export Load Permit.
  • The only exception to the Import/Export Permit requirement is if a truck is traveling ‘through’ Arkansas to deliver a product to another state.
  • Gasoline laws are covered in Arkansas Code §26-55-101 through §26-55-1202.
  • Diesel laws are covered in Arkansas Code §26-56-101 through §26-56-602.
  • Click here to order Motor Fuel Import/Export permits.

If you have questions regarding Motor Fuel Import/Export permits, please contact:

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