Program Management

To effectively assist in the pre-construction phases of projects, maintain and report information related to construction projects.

Local Public Agency Project Manual

The Local Public Agency Project Manual is a guide for cities, counties, planning organizations, and eligible not-for-profit organizations that utilize federal funds for locally administered transportation projects. The procedures outlined in this manual address both state and federal requirements.

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Downloadable Documents for All Programs
General Requirements for Recipients and Sub-Recipients Concerning Disadvantaged Business Enterprises
Consultant Advertisement Templates (coming soon)
Local Agency Selection Procedures
Stage Submittal of On-System Plans for Right of Way Certification
ARDOT Public Involvement Handbook (coming soon)
Sample Letter Designating Employee in Responsible Charge
Sample Letter Requesting State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Approval
Sample Letter Requesting Revision of Project Scope and Budget
Sample LPA Right of Way Certification – No Acquisition Required
Sample LPA Right of Way Certification – Acquisition Required
Advertising Guidelines
Required Contents of Bidding Proposals
Sample Project Advertisement for Construction (coming soon)
Construction Certification and Reimbursement Request (CCRR) Form
LPA Report of Daily Work Performed
LPA Final Acceptance Report
Records Retention Policy
Certification for Grants, Loans, and Cooperative Agreements
Federal Funding Accountability & Transparency Act (FFATA) Reporting Requirements
LPA Quarterly Report

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ARDOT Contacts for LPA Projects:

Program Management Division:

Minghua Qiu Miller
Staff Program Management Engineer
(501) 569-2213

Ashley Smith
Advanced Program Management Engineer
(501) 569-2286

Carlos Meredith
Advanced Program Management Engineer
(501) 569-2562

Transportation Planning and Policy Division

Inderpreet “Sunny” Farmahan
Senior Transportation Planner
(MPO Coordination)
(501) 569-2100

Christopher Dillaha
Transportation Planner
(MPO Coordination)
(501) 569-2603

Anthony Hunter
Transportation Planner
(MPO Coordination)
(501) 569-2603

Paulette Rice
Railroad Crossing Coordinator
(501) 569-2557

Kim Sanders
Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator
(501) 569-2020

Environmental Division

Don Nichols
Section Head – Assessments
(501) 569-2521

Right of Way Division

David Steward
Right of Way Coordinator
(501) 569-2584

Blaine Gartrell
Section Head – Utilities
(501) 569-2146

Consultant Contracts

Jessica Jackson
Consultant Coordinator
(501) 569-2218