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Bicycle & Pedestrian

U.S. Bike Routes and Hub Communities

The United States Bike Route (USBR) is a national network of state highways, city streets, county roads and bike paths.  Its purpose is to facilitate bike travel across the country.  To date, there are over 13,000 miles that have been designated USBR by AASHTO and Adventure Cycling.

ARDOT, in preparation to apply for the establishment of two USBRs through the state, has formed a committee to identify a draft corridor for USBR 81 from Memphis to Little Rock to Fort Smith and continue along USBR 51 from Fort Smith to the Missouri Border. 

The committee will also identify Hub Communities along the USBR for the purpose of promoting local business development to serve the bicycle tourism market.  These local businesses will provide food, lodging, supplies and information.

The Governor’s Advisory Council on Cycling

This Council was established to further the Governor’s proclamation to promote Arkansas as the Cycling Hub of the South. Other goals of the Council are:

  • Further ongoing discussions with Dillard’s to close the Arkansas River Trail loop.
  • Promote the creation of the Southwest Trail stretching from Little Rock (Arkansas River Trail) to Hot Springs (downtown).
  • Continue to support opening of the Ouachita National Recreation Trail to mountain bikes from Highway 300 to Highway 9.
  • Working with Division of Building Authority to create bicycle friendly state buildings, maybe covered parking for bikes. 
  • Establish a statewide advocacy group
  • Develop a state bicycling website
  • Work on a proposal to increase minority participation among Marshallese and Hispanic. 

Safely Share the Road Campaign

As the number of road users who choose to walk and bike increases, so does the number of serious injuries and fatalities to those users.  The ARDOT Strategic Highway Safety Plan identifies the following education strategies in its Emphasis Area Action Plan to reduce these increasing numbers among Bicyclists and Pedestrians.  Based on this Action Plan ARDOT will develop a media campaign producing the following;

  • Public services messages that target school children on bicycle and pedestrian safety.
  • Public services messages that are aimed at increasing the awareness of the dangers of bicycle and pedestrian traffic on high volume roadways
  • Utilize social media to educate the public on bicycle/pedestrian laws and safety

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